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I needed an understanding law firm to help me and my daughter through the process when my husband passed away suddenly. They guided and advised me on matters I wasn’t sure how to handle. I thank God for the ladies of Elder Law Firm.
— Kathy D. February 2019
I have been dealing with Elder Law Firm for over a year now. They are professional to the end. They are pleasant, they are kind. I can’t say enough. If this helps them get one customer, that customer will be happy. Thanks guys.
— John Martens, June 2018
I felt like we were old friends from the moment I walked into your office. Your kindness and reassurance were such a comfort. I can’t begin to tell you the peace of mind I feel knowing you are there for any future legal needs I might have. You are a gem!
— L. Weaver, Kennesaw, July 2017
It was time to update our will and we returned to Shelley Elder to do the job for us. She not only provides great professional help, but her interest in you personally makes the entire experience satisfying. End of life decisions are not the easiest ones to make, but with her knowledge of the law and willingness to listen to your personal needs, we were able to come to the right decision for our situation. We would recommend her and her office to anyone needing estate planning and all that goes with it. You won’t be disappointed.
— Sharon and Don Moore, July 2017
Being a client with Elder Law Firm has been a satisfying experience. What strikes me about this firm is their ability to act as a professional team. Everyone in the office is willing to step in to meet the needs of the client. That service extends from making copies, setting up appointments, communications with text or voice messages, and yes, appointments on time and conducted in a knowledgeable and professional atmosphere. As a client in need of legal guidance it was a pleaser to work with Shelley Elder and her staff. I highly recommend Elder Law Firm to meet and exceed anyone’s legal needs. Shelley is truly a knowledgeable and professional attorney with the legal experience to meet the needs of her clients.
— Allan Roden, Kennesaw, June 2017
My wife and I had power of attorney documents prepared by Shelley. The documents covered all contingencies. Everything from our initial inquiry to reviewing the documents was done in a very friendly and professional manner. Our need was not going to cost very much but Shelley and her staff treated us in a very caring and appreciative way. We could not have asked for more.

We highly recommend the Elder Law Firm.
— Joan and John Kirby, Kennesaw, June 2017
Although our needs were limited (just needed my mom’s Florida POAs and Will redone/converted to Georgia) Shelley did a great job of preparing the papers and most importantly, came to our home for my mom to sign them. That was a huge help for Shelley to accommodate my mom’s mobility limitations! Shelley was very personable and interested in my mother as a person, which was invaluable and much appreciated. I would definitely recommend your firm!
— Colleen, June 2017
I enlisted the services of Shelley Elder for some overdue estate planning. Shelley was very thorough, informative, personal and easy to work with. I quickly became very comfortable, knowing my needs would be taken care of by a knowledgable first class professional. For anybody looking for estate planning, I’d recommend Shelley Elder in a heartbeat!
— Peter Crow, Kennesaw, June 2017
Ms. Elder worked with my family to provide us with a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney documents, and a Special Needs Trust. The attorney is very knowledgeable and seems to really care about her clients. We would definitely recommend Elder Law Firm to others!
— Anonymous, April 2015
I had consulted with various Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys in regards to filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as a result of my divorce. I was either belittled, insulted or told that it was impossible to turn my life around, through inevitable bankruptcy, by each and every attorney. Shelley had previously assisted my mother, and myself, with legal matters, to include a will and a trust. I turned to Shelley upon returning to Atlanta, and was immediately reassured and confident that we could obtain justice through the court system. As usual, Shelley was extremely cognizant of the law and knowledgeable in all matters. She, and her team, are consistent, patient and compassionate. Shelley has become a friend, who is always available for consultation. My life is literally renewed, through her guidance and expertise, and I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend Shelley Elder, and her team, for anyone seeking an attorney with whom they can trust.
— Mimi, September 2014
I hired Shelley for my Chapter 7 bankruptcy after my divorce. She and her staff were caring, compassionate, understanding and always available when I had a question. Shelley turned what was a terrifying experience into one where I could actually relax and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have recommended her many, many times and will continue to do so - she’s one in a million!
— Janice, April 2014
My firm has referred business to Shelley for several years now. The clients are 100% satisfied with her work, be it estate planning or bankruptcy engagements. Shelley has always gotten the work completed in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. The cases she has handled for us have ranged from simple wills to complex trust agreements to a variety of bankruptcy’s. We continue to have confidence that our clients will be well served by Elder Law Firm.
— Summit, April 2014
Shelley is the best! She is calm, cool and collected because she knows what she is doing. She guided us through our bankruptcy with ease, even in the face of some serious challenges. She has an excellent staff of people who took care of every detail and kept us informed throughout the process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great attorney.
— Tony, April 2014
Office staff great on phone. Ms Elder very professional, caring and really did a great job advising us. Her knowledge of the law was really impressive, and she explained things to us in language we understood! She will be the only attorney we’ll work with in future, as well.
— Keith, April 2014
I was recommended by a close friend of over 40 years. So when a friend like that tells you about an attorney that’s trustworthy, you can take that to the bank. Shelley treated us as if we were family and that gave us so much comfort. She took all of our worries away and I don’t know what I would have done without her. So knowledgeable and that’s what you need when you need an attorney. I feel like she gave us a second look at life and that has given me the desire to keep my finances in order and never get in that kind of debt again. You can’t go wrong calling on her if you ever need an attorney!
— Leah, June 2014
Shelley is an amazing attorney. She assisted in my business. I actually don’t know what I would have done without her. She is fair, knowledgeable, the most trusting person I know!!! That is usually not the case for attorney’s I have worked with in the past.
I have and will continue to recommend all her services to friends, family, coworkers and anyone that needs an attorney.
She also can help assist in recommending other attorneys if she can’t help.
— Laura, June 2011
Shelley has been an exceptional resource with an incredible amount of intelligence in her field. Her knowledge in the areas of wills and estate planning are second to none. Her office was very warm and inviting and so were her personnel. I have been incredibly pleased to get acquainted with her and have all of my questions answered in a timely manner to make sure that everything went smoothly. Anybody who needs to update their will should have no problem getting it done quickly and with ease using Shelley. A+++
— Jay, April 2011